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Our clients include medium-sized companies and international corporations, family companies, shareholders, family offices and freelancers. We advise them comprehensively, draw up contracts and represent them in and out of court to enforce their claims and interests.


Corporate law

We advise and represent you in founding and structuring companies, as part of ongoing operations, in reorganization or generational change, in dissolution and in shareholder disputes, and prepare all documents ready for signature.


Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise and represent you in the purchase or sale of companies, carry out due diligence checks, accompany and take over contract negotiations and prepare all documents ready for signature.


Commercial law / B2B / B2C

We advise and represent in commercial and contract law along the entire value chain from purchasing to production to distribution and sales in national and international B2B and B2C business and draft the necessary contracts.


Commercial tenancy /

Real estate law

We advise and represent in real estate law, in particular by buying or selling real estate, by drafting and processing commercial leases and during the entire duration of the lease.


Corporate succession /

Inheritance law

We advise on all questions of succession planning, both in relation to private assets and corporate assets and the associated tax, corporate and inheritance law issues, create design concepts and testamentary dispositions and accompany their implementation.

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